Green Farm Projects

In Green Farm projects we mobilize interested clients to buy one acre of land in Lamu and Malindi where we arrange on their behalf the planting of exotic bluegum, casuarinas, mangoes or bamboo trees.

Bluegum/Casuarina Projects

Casuarina/blue gum trees are fast growing commercial trees with high demand in construction sites and in particularly in fast growing Lamu County due to various projects related to Lamu port, Lamu oil, gas, coal, oil from Turkana and Southern Sudan, beach/holiday homes in Coastal areas, and various universities and education institutions under construction.

The casuarina tree takes about 3 – 4 years to mature. Once harvested, fetches an average price of Ksh. 500 per tree. 1,200 plants can occupy an acre of land hence fetching 1,200 x 500 = 600,000 after 4 years.

The exotic bluegum tree from South Africa takes about 3 years to mature and once harvested an average of Ksh. 1,000 per tree. One acre of land fits about 600 trees hence fetching 600 x 1,000 = 600,000 after 3 years.

Mango Tree Projects

Grafted apple mangoes take about 2 years to start producing fruits. About 50 trees fit in one acre and can give a maximum yield of 600 mangoes per tree per year. The farm gate price is Ksh. 10 per mango hence one tree can generate Ksh. 6,000 per year i.e. about Ksh. 300,000 in one acre. At a cost of Ksh. 40,000 per acre, Kenya Projects plants 50 mangoes trees per acre and takes care of them for 2 years.

Kenya Projects is arranging organized marketing for mangoes locally and abroad in addition to investing in value addition mango projects like storage, juice production e.t.c.

An acre of land in the project is currently selling at between Ksh. 200,000 – Ksh. 400,000 (subject to availability) and cost of planting trees and taking care of them for 3 years is Ksh. 40,000

Hence at a minimum of Ksh. 200,000 one gets an acre with clean title deed and labour cost for local farmers to plant and attend the tree for 3 years.